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IT Sector Partnership

Building a tech workforce in the South Bend - Elkhart region

About Us

The IT Sector Partnership is a non-profit that facilitates partnerships between employers, education providers, and non-profits to meet the workforce needs of the technology industry in the South Bend-Elkhart region. The goal is to identify and fulfill our region's need for tech talent through education, work-based learning, career readiness, and community engagement. Our Administrative Partners comprise Garatoni Family Office and Ivy Tech Community College. The partnership serves the region constituted by St. Joseph, Elkhart, and Marshall County.

Our Services

Tech Training
Work & Learn
Career Readiness
Job Search

Meet The Team

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Larry Garatoni

State Trustee, Ivy Tech Community College

Ismail Egilmez

Director of IT Sector Partnership, Garatoni Family Office

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Gabrielle Cole

Project Coordinator, Ivy Tech Community College


All in all, I'm impressed by what education they offered without me having to pay any tuition, they go the extra mile to organize financial aid. I was honestly still intimidated a bit by computers when I started the IT Sector Partnership. Despite using them my entire life I'd never thought of myself as a "techie" in any sense. But the certificate program I completed did a great job of orienting me to the field in the beginning with the CompTIA A+ prep course. Now I have a strong foundation to learn more about both computers and programming. I hope once completing the A+ certification to go into a coding boot camp with the skills I've learned.

-Brian Hibbs


The IT Sector Partnership has been a life-changing experience for me. I've had an interest in Information Technology for a while but didn't know how to get started. There was a speaker at a mandatory workshop at Workforce Development that gave information about how to get started in the program. I signed up for the program and have learned a lot about computers. I have no doubt that I am going to be able to start a career in the IT field making really good money in the near future. I feel really blessed to have the opportunity.

-Willie Deloney 

I met Shabbir Qutbuddin at a Chamber of Commerce event in Elkhart. He was the director of the Ivy Tech IT Sector Partnership program. I approached him and we had a brief chat. In the end, he extended an invitation for me to enroll in the training program and gave me his card. On March 16, 2020, I was officially employed as an IT Technician at a growing local healthcare facility. I am doing soul-satisfying work through COVID-19. I wake up with joy and excitement knowing that what I do is impactful. I don't know if this would have happened if elements of Ivy Tech Community College were not in my empowerment mix."

-Idris Busari 

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the IT Sector Partnership. It has truly been rewarding. You with your amazing assistance throughout the entire program. Ivy Tech for part of facilitating the staff they have is exceptional. I learned so much and gained skills that are beneficial right now. The IT Sector Partnership saw a need and filled it. It provided real-life practical solutions to a field short on skill tech-based workers. Provided immediate skills to individuals looking to start a career now. Even the help in finding employment. I can’t rave enough about this program and can’t stop recommending others to it. Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude.

-Lavonta Henry 

The IT Sector Partnership program has helped me to further my career goals, and has allowed me to get my foot in the door for a job in the IT industry! I thank all of the folks at the IT Sector Partnership program for their help!

-Aaron Slessman

The IT Sector Partnership is wonderful. The staff there is willing to answer questions and help you in finding the right courses for you. I have learned a great deal of stuff from Ivy Tech and the IT department. They are constantly expanding and making changes to better help you learn a very fast-growing field.

-Michael Lilly

I think this program is incredible. It allowed me to change course in my professional life. The program is willing to help anyone and everyone. and I appreciate being able to pivot into a new career.

-Yvette Trujillo

I initially joined the IT partnership program to build on my existing experience with IT and to gather certificates that I never had. At my age (58) I was a bit hesitant, but with the amazing help of the staff, deans and counselors the experience was a great success and very satisfying. I recommend it to anybody who's interested in furthering their education.

-Richard Westlund

The IT Sector Partnership allowed me to make a career change late in life. After having been in sales for most of my career, I decided to go into IT. During my experience at Ivy Tech, I had the most amazing professors, advisors, and coordinators. This was my second experience with Ivy Tech, the first one was not in the IT field. With all of the help from the IT Sector Partnership, I graduated with a certificate that before I would have never dreamed of obtaining. The program was thorough, and I even landed an internship job through Ivy Tech that launched my career in IT. After only one year in the program, I have started a great career in IT, and would definitely recommend the services and IT Sector Partnership to future students.

-Damien Coleman


Thanks to the encouragement of my employer and working with the IT Sector Partnership, I was able to expand my skills and earn the IT Help Desk certification from Ivy Tech and my CompTIA A+ certification. Without their encouragement and support, I would not have pursued the program. Gabrielle at ITSP was extremely helpful whenever I had questions about the program. The professors at Ivy Tech are knowledgeable and very approachable. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in pursuing or advancing a career in IT, contact the IT Sector Partnership as they can help you gain the knowledge you need in order to succeed! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Samantha Troup




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