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Work-based Learning

The IT Sector Partnership connects students with regional employers for internship and full-time opportunities. We receive employment opportunities either directly through the employers or we proactively look for opportunities on job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed. We also collaborate with Career Coaching and Employer Connections and the School of IT to assist students with finding employment opportunities. Currently, we are launching a new initiative where we are helping high school students pursue work-based learning opportunities while they enroll in dual credit courses at Ivy Tech Community College.

5-year Work-based Learning Program


High school students will participate in various work-based learning experiences from 8th grade until their senior year. Simultaneously, the students will enroll in IT dual-credit courses at Ivy Tech.

Freshmen Year
  • Work-based Learning Opportunity: Job-shadowing

  • Scheduled: September 2022

  • Ivy Tech Dual Credit Courses: SDEV 120: Computing Logic and INFM 109: Informatics Fundamentals

Junior Year
  • Work-based Learning Opportunity: Tech Juncture

  • Scheduled: June 2024

  • Ivy Tech Dual Credit Courses: SDEV 140: Introduction to Software Development

8th Grade
  • Tech Activity: Developing a Mobile Application for either Sports, Food, or Games on a smartphone layout

  • Scheduled: March 2022

  • Incentives: The top 6 designs get free Drones or Board Games

Sophomore Year
  • Work-based Learning Opportunity: Capstone Project

  • Scheduled: May 2023

  • Ivy Tech Dual Credit Courses: SDEV 153: Web Site Development and DBMS 110: Database Design and Management

Senior Year
  • Work-based Learning Opportunity: Internship

  • Scheduled: June 2025

  • Career Readiness: Job Search Video Series and Employability & Workplace Skills

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