Volunteer Mentor

Volunteer as a Mentor to a Student on a Tech Project!

Tech Juncture will showcase high school juniors presenting projects to employers for an internship and tech certificate opportunity under the Indiana DWD SEAL program. A tech project will be assigned to students after they complete a session at Code Week. They will be given 8-12 weeks to work on the project and submit it to the employers. We will assign a mentor to every student to offer assistance. The students will present their projects to employers at the Tech Juncture event. The employers will select students for a job interview based on their performance in the project and presentation. In case the internships are not available, the students with the best projects and presentations will receive a cash prize.

How do I volunteer for Tech Juncture?

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Mentor a high school junior virtually or in-person on a project between July & October.


Attend Tech Juncture and provide support to the student during their presentation.


Opportunity to share your program flyers and info with students after the event.

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