Tech Juncture (Oct 2021)

Opportunity to showcase your technical skills for an internship!

Tech Juncture will showcase high school juniors presenting projects to employers for an internship and tech certificate opportunity under the Indiana DWD SEAL program. A tech project will be assigned to students after they complete a session at Code Week. They will be given 8-12 weeks to work on the project and submit it to the employers. We will assign a mentor to every student to offer assistance. The students will present their projects to employers at the Tech Juncture event. The employers will select students for a job interview based on their performance in the project and presentation. In case the internships are not available, the students with the best projects and presentations will receive a cash prize.

For high school juniors who attended the Code Week event.

At Ivy Tech Community College, South Bend & Elkhart

Free giveaways and food for the participating students.

Opportunity to interact with community stakeholders.

Why Participate?

Get an internship with a regional employer and Ivy Tech Certificate.

Opportunity for a cash prize if an internship is not available.

Opportunity to learn about other educational programs in the region.

Opportunity to acquire soft skills and job search skills.

How Do I Participate?

Participate in Code Week. Click on the tab below to schedule your coding session.

Attend a 90-minute coding session either virtually or at an Ivy Tech campus in June.

Complete a tech project in 8 to 12 weeks after Code Week with the help of a mentor.

Present your project to the regional employers at the Tech Juncture event in October.

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