Indiana Department of Workforce Development, State Earn and Learn (SEAL)

June 2022


State Earn and Learn (SEAL) is a work-based learning initiative by The Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship (OWBLA), located within the Department of Workforce Development, where participating students earn college credits and industry-recognized credentials while working and learning on the job. It serves to develop and implement a framework of various work-based learning pathways for both youth and adult populations. Work-Based Learning is a framework of various pathways, or solutions, which include practical experiences to help individuals gain an understanding of occupation with on-the-job learning. The IT Sector Partnership and Ivy Tech Community College are implementing this program with the help of South Bend Code School, South Bend Regional Chamber, Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce through the events below:

Code Week ​will offer beginner-level 90-minute coding sessions to high school juniors both virtually and at Ivy Tech South Bend and Elkhart campus on June 22, 23, and 24. The event will culminate with FREE giveaways to students and information on the subsequent event, Tech Juncture. The students don't require any prior coding experience.

Tech Juncture will showcase high school juniors presenting projects to employers for an opportunity to get a 1-year internship and a 1-year tech certificate under the Indiana DWD SEAL program. The tech project will be assigned to students after Code Week, and they will get 8-12 weeks to work on it with the help of a mentor. The employers will review the Project before the presentation in October.

How do I participate in the Indiana DWD SEAL program?


  • Review Tech Projects submitted by High School Juniors.

  • Attend the Tech Juncture event in October 2021.

  • Evaluate the students' presentations during the event.


  • Tell us about your area of interest for the Internship.

  • Choose Industry Certifications for the Internship.

  • Choose Ivy Tech Certificate for the Internship.


  • Offer a 1-year Internship to a student from Tech Juncture.

  • Collaborate with us to develop projects for the internship.

  • Identify any tech prerequisites required pre-internship.


  • Get an Internship tracking service from us for the intern.

  • Get an academic coach for the intern through Ivy Tech.

  • Get FREE Soft Skills training for the Intern through Ivy Tech.

If you'd like to participate only in the Tech Juncture event and not offer an internship, please contact us at or (765) 775-8771 to learn more.

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