The IT Sector Partnership conducted an Employer IT Needs Survey in April 2018 to learn more about the jobs, skills, and technologies that the regional employers are trying to fulfill to complete their projects, develop products, expand their workforce, and increase their revenues/profits. We designed a report included below to share our findings. We have also created other reports that mention our programs, progress, and initiatives. Our partners have also shared their reports on regional and national salaries that are insightful for people who wish to build a tech career through our training and work-based learning program.

Six Steps to Success

Pave the way to a high-paying tech career with our "Six Steps to Success" training program at Ivy Tech Community College. 

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ITSP Progress Report

This report consists of the work done by the IT Sector Partnership from April 2018 to March 2019 in the South Bend - Elkhart region.

ITSP Survey Report

The IT Sector Partnership conducted an IT Needs Survey in 2018 to find the talent needs of regional employers in terms of jobs and skills.

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Wages & Benefits

Please find the Salary Range for a variety of Jobs in this Report. The report was created by the South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership.