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What is IT Sector Partnership?

The IT Sector Partnership is a regional non-profit, employer-driven partnership between the tech industry, education providers, regional chambers, EDCs, and non-profits that focuses on the workforce needs of the technology industry in the South Bend - Elkhart region. The goal is to identify and fulfill the need for tech talent in our region through skills training, talent recruitment, industry resources, and community engagement.


How is the Partnership financially supported?

The Garatoni-Smith Family Foundation is focused on workforce, community, and economic development. It committed to funding the initiatives of the IT Sector Partnership. We also received a Skill-Up Grant in 2018 from the Department of Workforce Development. A portion of the Grant was utilized for providing technical skills training. We rely on state and federal grants to support the training of our cohorts.


What is the Steering Committee?
Our initiatives are supported by the IT Sector Partnership Steering Committee. Commenced in April of the year 2018, it is an employer-driven Committee representing employers, education providers, non-profits, regional chambers, and entrepreneurs to provide reviews on our progress and guidance for the evolving process. Our Administrative Partners comprises of Garatoni Family Office and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.


What are your goals?

Our goals are to offer support, resources, training, recruitment, and community engagement services to all regional employers and community members that results in workforce, industry, economic, and community development. Our vision is to establish a tech culture facilitating the growth of existing organizations and boosting the inception of new ones, as well as the development of a tech workforce in the South Bend - Elkhart region.


What type of training do you offer?

We offer a 1-year Certificate program in Technical Support, Software Development, Data Science, and Information Security pathways. The program is offered every Saturday as a series of courses resulting in a Certificate. The average cost of the certificate is $7,500 and a cohort consists of at most 20 students. For overall development, we also offer tech resources, community resources, support services, soft skills training, tech-savvy training, job search guide, and employer connections. We also offer software-based training that has flexibility in duration, scheduling, and curriculum.


What do you mean by Career Pathways?

We define a career pathway as the combination of field description, foundational skills, technical skills, workplace skills, career areas, jobs, courses, certificates, supplemental training, industry certifications, and salaries. It is a comprehensive description of a particular path from the beginning until the end within the Information Technology or Computer Science or Information Systems area.


What do you mean by Tech Resources?

Tech Resources are a combination of online learning platforms, tech blogs, and YouTube channels. The online learning platform can provide you with certificates and projects. Similarly, blogs can help you understand the technology trends; gather useful data or information; and help you learn or understand complex topics. Further, the videos are helpful in visual learning; getting access to the technology experts; and maintaining a flexible guide for knowledge.


What do you mean by Community Resources?

We have tried to consolidate the list of events and organizations that can assist you with Professional Development, Social Engagement, and/or Civic Engagement. These events and organizations are within the St. Joseph County, Elkhart County, and Marshall County. It also consists of our events and programs that occur on a yearly basis. Some of our initiatives for 2021 include Technology Day, Code Week, and Podcast.


What do you mean by Support Services?

We have received feedback from students, faculty, and staff that one of the major reasons for low student retention is because of the barriers to training. These barriers could be tech literacy, academics, employment, finances, transportation, food insecurity, mental health, etc. In order to overcome these barriers for successful completion of the program, we offer a variety of support services either directly or through our partners.


What do you mean by Supplemental Training?

We offer you a series of tech courses that results in a certificate on successful completion of courses. However, in order to have a competitive tech profile and professional branding, you need to pursue soft skills, tech-savvy skills, job search training, work-based learning, industry certifications, online certificates, online projects, etc. We offer these resources and training as a part of our overall training program for helping you build a tech career and get a tech job.


What do you mean by Soft Skills Training?

Soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence quotients, among others, that enable people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. It is defined as desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge.


What do you mean by Tech Savvy Training?

Tech Savvy is defined as well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers. This training is intended to help you learn everyday technology hacks that you could implement in your professional work to make it simple, fast, organized, productive, and precise.


What is a Tech Talent Database?

Tech Talent Database is a database of profiles and resumes that were collected at the Purdue University, West Lafayette and Indiana University, Bloomington Career Fairs. The database is shared with regional employers for FREE, so they can find the talent for their open Summer Internships or Full-time positions. We will also be conducting resume screening this year to better help our partner employers find the right talent.


What are the types of financial aid you utilize to help fund the training for your students?

We rely on Pell Grant, Workforce Ready Grant (Credit or Non-Credit), Employer Training Grant, and Ivy Tech Scholarships. We also have utilized Skill Up Grant and TechHire Grant in the past. Our goal is to seek support from local foundations and/or implement the Income Share Agreements with our students. We are also financially supported by the Garatoni-Smith Family Foundation.


What is a Job Search Guide?

A Job Search Guide is a combination of a video series and templates that were created to help community members improve their professional branding and find a job. Some of the areas that were covered in this initiative include Resume, Cover Letter, Job Application, Career Fair, Interviewing, Interview Questions, Tracking, Networking, and LinkedIn. You can watch a video on every topic and download the template to develop your own job search-related documents.


What are the different applications on the website?

The student training application is our training form for anyone interested in our training programs. The employer training application is for regional employers looking to skill up their employees in either a particular area or particular software. The employer branding application is for employers who are seeking talent for Internship or Full-time roles. Lastly, the job application is for any student who is seeking an Internship or Full-time job in the South Bend - Elkhart region.


How do I apply for the training program?

On the top menu, go to the Apply section and click on Student Training Application if you're applying as an Individual. Likewise, click on the Employer Training Application if you're looking to train your employees. Once you visit the application form, go ahead and fill it with the best of your knowledge. Once we receive your application, we will contact you with 48 hours via email and phone call. We will invite you for an informational session and explain our entire training programs and the next steps for funding, enrollment, and registration.


How do I get access to the Tech Talent Database?

To get access to our talent database, you need to fill the Employer Branding Application, where we are looking for information regarding the organization such as Company Name, Industry, Location, Website, Logo, About Us, Mission, Vision, Core Values, Products & Services, Work Culture, Social Media Presence, Job Opportunities, and Point of Contact. Once we receive your application, you will be granted access to the database.


What is your initiative regarding Tech Apprenticeships?

More information will be available soon...


What is Code Week?

More information will be available soon...


What is Technology Day?

More information will be available soon...


What is the Podcast?

More information will be available soon...

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