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Non-credit Application

Airtable Bootcamp


The IT Sector Partnership is offering an Airtable Bootcamp. This will introduce students to Low-Code/No-Code tools such as Airtable, Jotform, and Zapier. The goal of the bootcamp is for students to learn the various applications of these tools, and how they can be utilized to solve common business problems. This is a great opportunity for professionals, small/medium business owners, and entrepreneurs looking to upskill!

Day: Tuesday & Thursday

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Instruction Mode: Virtual

Cost: $99

Date: November 8 - December 1

Instructor: Ellen Joyce, CEO of Digital Leader Academy

Fill out the application above to learn more about the non-credit course. For more information, contact Gabrielle Cole at or (574) 271-5145 ext. 210.

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