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What is IT Sector Partnership?

The IT Sector Partnership is a regional non-profit, employer-driven partnership between the tech industry, education providers, regional chambers, EDCs, and non-profits that focuses on the workforce needs of the technology industry in the South Bend - Elkhart region. The goal is to identify and fulfill the need for tech talent in our region via building career pathways, providing technical skills training, fostering employer-talent connections, recruiting tech talent, organizing coding events, and encouraging community engagement.

Our Administrative Partners comprises of Garatoni Family Office and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. Our funding partners include South Bend Regional Chamber and Horizon Education Alliance. The administration of the partnership is a collaboration of St. Joseph, Elkhart, and Marshall County consisting of major cities such as South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Notre Dame, Elkhart, Goshen, Nappanee, Plymouth, etc. We are financially supported through the Skill Up Grant and the Garatoni-Smith Family Foundation.

Our initiatives are supported by the IT Sector Partnership Steering Committee. Commenced in April of the year 2018, it is an employer-driven Committee representing employers, education providers, non-profits, regional chambers, and entrepreneurs to provide reviews on our progress and guidance for the evolving process. Our supporting partners includes South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership, South Bend Regional Chamber, Greater Elkhart Chamber, Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana University South Bend, Indiana Tech, WorkOne Northern Indiana, Goodwill Industries of Michiana, South Bend Code School, University of Notre Dame, Goshen College, Saint Mary's College, Bethel University, Purdue Polytechnic, and J2 Marketing.



501 (c) (3) Corp.

We plan to create a 501 (C) (3) Corporation in order to conduct the business of the IT Sector Partnership. It will be either a corporation, trust, unincorporated association, or another type of organization that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code.


To support regional employers and community members in Talent Attraction, Workforce Development, and Talent Retention through Employer-Talent Connections, Technical Skills Training, and Community Engagement Programs.


To establish a Technology Culture facilitating the growth of existing organizations and boosting the inception of new ones, such that it leads to industry, community, economic, and workforce development in our region.

Skill-Up Grant
State of Indiana

We have received a Skill-Up Grant of $1.7 Million from the Department of Workforce Development, State of Indiana. A portion of the Grant would be utilized for the IT Sector Partnership work.

Garatoni-Smith Family Foundation

The Garatoni-Smith Family Foundation is focused on education and regional economic development. It has committed up to $100,000 to help in leading and coordinating the development of this IT Sector Partnership.

Steering Committee

Commenced in April of the year 2018, it is an employer-driven Steering Committee representing all involved groups and regions to provide reviews on our progress and guidance for the evolving process.

Administrative Partners

Garatoni Family Office

Founded in 2008, Garatoni Family Office is a local family office in Mishawaka that focuses its efforts on education, economic development, and workforce development in order to uplift the local community.

Larry Garatoni



Our Goals

  • Form an extensive collaboration with regional employers, education providers, non-profits, regional chambers, professional organizations, social organizations, and government organizations.

  • Update data every year on the 5 Career Pathways by revising IT Jobs, IT Skills, Salaries, Courses, and Certifications through Research and Survey. Develop 3 new Career Pathways i.e. Data Science, Systems & Network Administration, and IT Security.

  • Conduct quarterly Steering Committee meetings and keep adding new people to get fresher perspectives, opinions, and reviews for our work.

  • Spread awareness of our training programs through traditional and social media marketing with the help of J2 Marketing.

  • Recruit candidates for the ITSP Training Programs from the 3 target sectors such as existing employees, students, and the unemployed sector.

  • Provide Pre-training to the applicants through Goodwill who seem partly prepared after taking the assessments, in order to prepare them for the ITSP Training Programs.

  • Help the applicants match with available local, state, or federal scholarships through WorkOne or provide financial assistance through the Skill Up grant.

  • Train candidates in 2 Career Pathways through 3 Education Providers and help them with employment opportunities post training.

  • Explore ways to help students overcome barriers to training through WorkOne.

  • Assist the employers in sustaining or increasing IT jobs as well as the talent retention rate in the region.

  • Conduct 1 coding event every Summer with the help of South Bend Regional Chamber and  South Bend Code School to increase the awareness of the technology field in the region.

  • Collaborate with enFocus, South Bend Regional Chamber, and Greater Elkhart Chamber to help Training cohorts and University students connect to regional employers via Career Fairs, Informational Sessions, Networking Events, Talent Database, and Company Tours.

  • Assist enFocus, South Bend Regional Chamber, and Greater Elkhart Chamber for the 2019 Summer Internship program for regional Interns. It will include common housing and getting the talent involved in social and professional engagements.